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Hey there, I'm Amanda and I'm 19 years old. Dance is my passion. I love Taylor Swift! My amazing boyfriend and I have been together since August 27,2010. I hate following the crowds. I hate being copied but love being complemented. I always follow back.

And that’s the shitty reality of life…

my blog will make you horny ;)



getting a boyfriend looks easier in movies

umm all u do is throw a carrot at a boy and he’s all urs trust me this works 100%

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don't you let it go;
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harry girls: harry would be such a sweet boyfriend to cuddle with and lay on the couch with on rainy days and wake you up with little neck kisses and he'd tell you how much he loved you and how lucky he was to have you and that no matter what he'd always protect you
niall girls: shIT DAMN niall would make you blow him while he was driving if he was bored and probably while he was playing video games and he would finger you at the dinner table and get drunk and fuck you on a dresser and put his snapback on your head while he ate you out and wow i bet he'd call you a slut and beat up any guy that looked at you wow he's dreamy

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I was writing this for myself, but I decided to try uploading it. Sorry about my terrible handwriting and lack of embellishment… This was really hard for me to write. 

This is really beautiful and describes my feelings perfectly.

Describes my situation perfectly

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i’m gonna start a restaurant called “trust me” and the menu will be things that sound questionable but taste great

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